The Nats want your view on offshore drilling

Yes, you read that correctly.

New Zealand Petroleum and Minerals (a branch of the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment) is consulting on plans to open up an area almost twice the size of New Zealand for offshore drilling. This area includes the home of the last 55 Maui dolphins.

The over 476,000 square kilometres potentially up for drilling

The over 476,000 square kilometres potentially up for drilling

New Zealand Petroleum and Minerals want feedback, so I say we give it to them! You can give your feedback by calling 0508 263 782 or by emailing

But that’s not the only big green consultation on at the moment.

National Policy Statement on Freshwater Management  

If offshore drilling isn’t enough to turn your green blood red, then the Environmental Protection Authority is also consulting on the Draft implementation guide for the National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management (NPS-FM).

The draft guide says: “The intent of this policy is to provide a mechanism whereby a regional council may approach the Minister for the Environment to populate Appendix 4 by an amendment to the NPS-FM so a freshwater objective may be temporarily set below a bottom line in a regional plan. The decision to seek this transitional arrangement would ideally be made with community collaboration and/or consultation, as part of their plan preparation.” That little gem was buried down in page 67.

Ideally with community collaboration? That sounds pretty weak to me. They want to set an objective below the bottom. ‘Ideally‘ doesn’t cut it. You can give your feedback by calling 04 916 2426 or by emailing Consultation closes on 30 November 2014.

I’ll grant you that consultation documents can be pretty boring, so here’s a little entertainment on the power of local level decision-makers.