Angry white men and legal highs

The election may be over, but the Left can still influence policy. The fight for progressive change is not always glamorous, so (as I’ve previously argued) it’s time to weigh in on mundane but important government consultations. This week there a few of interest to lefties.

One to watch this week is the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE)’s request for submissions on “property rules that don’t make sense”. This is not a joke. MBIE wants to hear from “property owners, builders, tradespeople and businesses who have experienced the issues created by irrelevant or unnecessary regulations”. These (National voting?) people “can now report these to a Rules Reduction Taskforce which will identify pedantic and unnecessary rules that frustrate and hinder.”
I imagine that environmental rules will be a popular one here, so definitely worth a submission. The Taskforce will “consider submissions and ultimately recommend any necessary changes.” This one will attract a few angry white men, so get in there if you care about the planet.

This week the Ministry of Primary Industries is consulting on two new fisheries reserves near Timaru. The reserves will be “traditional fishing grounds… established for the purpose of customary food gathering”. Another one that will probably attract a few angry blokes, so worth a submission in favour.

Auckland City Council is currently consulting on a number of issues, and is inviting people to participate in the ‘People’s panel’, a pool of citizens who can “have their say on Auckland Council’s plans, activities and services by taking part in short surveys … [on issues] ranging from waste collection, libraries services, to events and the environment.”
One such issue is the sale of legal highs. People on the Left probably have a range of views on this, but drug law is always important so make sure you have your say. For me, I think legal and medical regimes should be proportionate to proven safety. So I’m not a big fan of untested synthetic highs, or cannabis prohibition.

Worksafe New Zealand is currently consulting on a ‘workplace exposure standard for diesel particulates’. The document is not very accessible, so abandon hope all ye who enter there. There be science. Basically it’s about acceptable levels of diesel fumes for workers, so it should interest greens and reds.

Some of the consultations from last week are still open, including Standards New Zealand’s ‘standard for gender and sexual diversity in employment’ and the Productivity Commission’s consultation on provision of social services.

Weigh in! If enough submissions go through you could make a difference.


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