Article of the day: class, race, and the politics of pit bull terriers

This is an Esquire article titled The State of the American Dog, and focusses on pit bull terriers, but it is also about America, class, race, animal welfare. This article was posted a while ago, and is one of the best pieces of long form journalism I’ve read this year.

Screenshot 2014-10-20 00.16.46

Excerpts: “There is no other dog that figures as often in the national narrative—no other dog as vilified on the evening news, no other dog as defended on television programs, no other dog as mythologized by both its enemies and its advocates, no other dog as discriminated against, no other dog as wantonly bred, no other dog as frequently abused, no other dog as promiscuously abandoned, no other dog as likely to end up in an animal shelter, no other dog as likely to be rescued, no other dog as likely to be killed.”

And: “You see a well-heeled white woman walking a golden retriever and expect her to cross the street and give you a dirty look; you see the guy who’s cutting down her trees or pressure-washing her driveway and you expect him to say: “That’s a beautiful dog.” Or: “How much you want for that dog?” Or: “You fight that dog?” You learn that the argument about pit bulls takes place along the lines of class and, to a lesser extent, race.”

This article came via a subscription service called The Browser, which provides a daily list of interesting articles and videos from across the net. Hope you enjoy! And I thoroughly recommend subscribing to


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