Labour, it’s time to fall in line

3News’ Tova O’Brien ran a story last night on Kelvin Davis’ team soliciting donations from National supporters in a bid to defeat Hone Harawira. The story was based on leaked emails between the party’s head office and Davis’ team relating to a website that attacked Hone and the Internet-Mana Party (IMP) people. The most damaging (and honest) email was an admission from Davis’ campaign manager that their “opposition is not Keys and his party”, but Hone. 

Screenshot 2014-08-04 23.00.49

Email from Davis’ campaign manager Kaye Taylor

Aside from the fact that Taylor thinks the PM’s name is ‘Keys’, the obvious takeaway is that Davis and his team are being told to some extent to pull their punches against Hone and the IMP people. This screams ‘secret cup of tea’. 

You would think that would be the end of it, right? So far it seems like your basic ‘candidate thinks for himself, does something off message, is shunted back into line’ story. Well, not quite. As of last night, Davis was soliciting donations to fight Hone and Dotcom via his facebook. 

Kelvin Davis' facebook

Kelvin Davis’ facebook

As Tim Barnett pointed out, it’s hardly ‘Vote Positive’. And it’s just another faction distraction from within Labour. It seems many of its MPs and party members still have not grasped the basic fact of MMP – The party vote is what matters.

I’m almost sympathetic to the party apparatchiks in Wellington. I’m no fan of Labour, but even I’m reaching the point where I want all the little Labourlings to be good loyal soldiers. They may not have wanted Cunliffe to lead them (I know I didn’t), but he’s in charge now, and his people are setting the strategy.

So please, Kelvin Davis, Trevor Mallard, whoever, just fall into line. The Left needs Labour to get party votes, and the ongoing factional fumbling is killing us.   


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