Colin Craig – crazy like a fox?

Today Colin Craig and the Conservatives confirmed former WINZ boss Christine Rankin will stand for the party in Epsom. The move is another byproduct of MMP’s debauched and shoddy coat tails provision.

The importance of coat tail deals has placed disproportionate attention on a few key seats, none more so than Epsom. The Conservatives are sans-deal, so they are looking to put a tangle in the stitch-up and hopefully boost their vote.

Screenshot 2014-08-03 22.31.32

But could the entry of Rankin actually curdle Key and ACT’s cup of tea? The Cons have the potential to split the Right and, generally speaking, splitting the Right is a good thing. An angry and unincorporated right flank could be damaging to National and hopefully lead to a sizeable wasted vote on the Right.

If Craig and Rankin can syphon off enough votes, it could put Goldsmith reluctantly over the line. This would wipe out ACT, and potentially establish the Conservatives the only solid party on National’s right flank. The Cons might lose the battle, but with the demise of ACT and the increasing senility of Winston, they could win the war. And when National fall (and they will), the Right vote will splinter, like it did when Bill English led the party. And the Conservatives will gain, just like United Future and ACT did.

But one problem is that since John Key has ruled out a deal with the Conservatives, the party has effectively become a protest vote for the grumpy Right. It is not clear that the sort of voters who  hold their nose and vote for ACT are the sort that would vote Conservative.

If nothing else, the presence of the Conservatives will draw attention to the fissures in the Right. And no doubt Craig and co will be running an anti-deal campaign there, which will draw more attention to rottenness of the borough, and thus the rottenness of Key and ACT.

If the ploy splits the Right enough to knock out ACT, then perhaps we will all say that Colin Craig was in fact crazy. Crazy like a fox.

Screenshot 2014-08-03 23.36.21


7 thoughts on “Colin Craig – crazy like a fox?

  1. Yes,underestimate Mr Craig at your peril.This is an intelligent and determined young man.

  2. Colin is no fool, nor is he crazy, just inexperienced and learning fast. National does indeed need to take him seriously.

  3. Go Colin and Christine!

  4. Conservative party has real commonsense policies. Colin Craig is no moron & should be taken seriously, ask proper questions. He’s intelligent & smart.

  5. I’m probably gonna go with the conservatives this time round… because of their election policies.

  6. Alot of people that aren’t interested in the right/left just want an honest party to vote for, with decent values. Conservatives will be getting a chunk of the previous elections National voters for sure.

  7. Colin Craig and Conservatives party are the only genuine party that cares for the people, and how they will look after or us when elected John Key is obsessed with commerce and big overseas deals, never once does he concern himself with the ordinary New Zealander and the horrific murder statistics happening every week. Go Colin and Christine…some sanity is on the horizon!!!

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