Banks shows shows his tactical nous

John Banks was sentenced today, but you could hardly tell judging by the media. Instead, we’re talking about his claim that “fresh, new, unimpeachable, water-tight evidence has emerged”, and that this “evidence completely contradicts much of the evidence given in the court”. Controlling the release/tone of bad news is politics 101. Banks has thrown us a big fat red herring.

And we fell for it. Well, at least the media did, anyway. The story lead 3News, and smothered the details of his crime in the Herald today.
Screenshot 2014-08-01 18.08.46

I think this shows the political skill of Banks. When Banks releases the evidence it will no doubt underwhelm, but that’s not the point. He’s taken the sting out of the second biggest day of his trial. It’s widely known that Banks resents criminality, particularly his own. He’s managed to control the news on the day he was sentenced.

So well done, John. You fooled us. Treat yourself to some earwax.


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