Good news, but enemies remain within the party

Imperator Fish

Shane Jones’ decision to leave Labour is to be celebrated. But we must be on our guard, because others within the party hold similar views. Now is not the time for complacency!


Let us all celebrate the political demise of that most hated class enemy, Shane Jones.

Jones was the very epitome of everything we have worked against: he did not share the same political views as us on every single issue. The wrecker!

But our celebrations must be muted, for now is not the time for complacency. There are other enemies within the party to be flushed out! Soldiers of the great socialist revolution, be on your guard! Be on the lookout for anyone within the party who might hold incorrect opinions. And do not be swayed by those within the party who claim Jones’ departure is a bitter blow. How can anyone who disagrees with us on…

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