A brief response to Bomber- Yetis exist.

Hi Bomber,

You mentioned my blog in a recent post on thedailyblog, comparing Blue-Green voters to the Yeti, so I thought I’d give you a quick reply.

Firstly, thanks for posting my blog on your website.

Secondly, you seem to have missed my point. I’m not saying “the greens can’t move too far to the left or they will alienate the great mythical ‘Blue/Green’ voter”, like you claim. I’m saying the Greens don’t have to move to the centre to get the Blue-Green vote. Instead, they just need to be tactical about the messages they prioritise when speaking to the general public. Motherhood-and-apple-pie issues like clean rivers and safe beaches can draw marginal Blue-Green votes from National.


You also claim that the Blue-Green voter is mythical, like the Yeti or the “LockNess Monster”. This is pretty easily refuted. You can either look at the NZES data that I’ve posted here, or go talk a few of the people I’ve identified here, or read some Roger Scruton. I can tell you for a fact that they exist. My father is a lifelong pig-hunter, and has alternated between the Green and National for the past few elections.


You also claim MANA are the Greens’ best friend. That’s kind of missing the point. It’s not about who the Greens’ besty is. It’s about how the Greens (and the Left) can grow their vote, ideally at the expense of the right. We already have MANA in our corner. We need to convince marginal voters to change to us.

The hunt for the ‘mythical ‘Blue/Green’ voter’ has ended, and discussions with actual Blue-Greens are already taking place.


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