Wow, ACT really are irrelevant

Today I changed the ACT party’s wikipedia page to say that they favour eating babies. A bit of this was taken from my blog post, and a bit was new. I then notified some friends who are former ACT supporters and members, some of whom even worked on ACT’s last election campaign. I also sent messages to the most lefty people I know, getting them to enjoy a bit of satire.

No one changed it back. As of 11pm, Monday 23 September, it’s still there. Claiming they favour eating babies. I can’t believe it. When I suggested Cunliffe was a tool of cat lobbyists it was taken down in eight minutes.

Wow. When former ACT members don’t even take it down, you know the party is in serious trouble.

EDIT: it’s finally down, but here’s what it looked like


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